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Video by Pascal Huot and Isaac Vallentin logcb.com

STREAM ALBUM “Show Me Your Fears” via Mixtape Magazine
TOUR DATES Eastern Canada (August, September and October)


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Poster by Isaac Vallentin www.logcb.com

ALBUM STREAM “Show Me Your Fears” via Mixtape Magazine

* w/ Year of Glad
^ w/ Crissi Cochrane
” w/ Old Cabin
# w/ bEQUALSd

16.08 MONTRÉAL @ Divan Orange ”
23.08 OTTAWA @ Arboretum Arts Festival
28.08 MONTRÉAL @ l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle *
29.08 QUÉBEC CITY @ Scanner Bistro *
30.08 ST JOHN @ Peppers Pub *

01.09 CHARLOTTETOWN @ Baba’s Lounge *
04.09 WOLFVILLE @ The Garden Room *
06.09 HALIFAX @ The Company House ^
08.09 MONCTON @ Plan b Lounge ^ *
09.09 FREDERICTON @ ReNeu Boutique ^ *
10.09 ST ANDREWS @ The Red Herring Pub ^
12.09 OTTAWA @ Ottawa Folkfest

02.10 HAMILTON @ The Baltimore House
04.10 OSHAWA @ Wasted Space
05.10 TORONTO @ Array Space #

Performing music from “Show Me Your Fears”
and 2015 album “Foreign Life”

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After Church 7


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Good weather and physical stamina matter as much to Bosveld as superbly-trained musicianship and captivating music. And the fact that both cycling musicians are full of talent doesn’t hurt either. They’re traveling 1,100km by bike, unsupported, throughout Ontario. The future-folk duo will be riding special cargo bikes with extended frames to accommodate their gear, donated by Kunstadt Sports.

July 17 Oxford Mills House concert
July 20 Kingston House concert
July 23 Oshawa at Wasted Space
July 25 Toronto at The Cage w/ Valued Customer
July 26 Hamilton at HAVN w/ Eschaton
July 30 Peterborough at Gallery in the Attic
August 15 Ottawa at Raw Sugar
August 20 Ottawa at Arboretum Festival

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void ep

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01. Decrepit (glitch remix by Omar Rivero)
02. Transference (lokey’s transcending remix)
03. The Astrologist (Dialoog’s remagnetization)
04. Haunted House (Radioactive Bishop remix)
05. Scribbles (Creta remix)
06. The Astrologist (CITELUXE remix)


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About Remix Ottawa

With a number of musicians based in Ottawa-Gatineau plus contributions from friends & labelmates in the Netherlands, United Kingdom & United States, Pop Drone are proud to present the first volume of Remix Ottawa—10 tracks first recorded by 10 Ottawa bands. The compilation drops with Guerilla Magazine’s 38th print issue, December 13th, 2013.

“As long as I’ve been visiting Canada, Ottawans have seemed surprised and tend to ask “why?” in a way that first caught me off-guard. I even get the sense that some base the notion of Dialoog being at all cool on the fact that we’re from Europe and spending time in NYC. There’s strange talk about Ottawa having a “weak” scene or little going on. That’s just whack. I know it. You know it. With this remix project, we’d like to turn others onto the music and musicians in town that we’ve come to discover and enjoy. This volume only scratches the surface. More to come in 2014.”

— Michael Powell, aka Absoluut

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In Canada, shit got pretty real when musicians learned about new foreign labour laws that would effectively cripple venue owners and promoter’s ability to book international artists. The new rules, which came into effect over the summer, put a massive increase on fees paid by venues to book not only foreign musicians ($275 per person) but their tour managers, sound persons, guitar techs, anybody…

At the time, several concerts in Ottawa were suddenly forced into cancellation. However, an Ottawa-based advertising agency, Jackpine, stepped up in hero-fashion to save a concert at Babylon Nightclub by New York City’s Old Monk. The band being unable to perform in person, Jackpine arranged for a live audio and video stream of Old Monk’s concert from their Brooklyn studio.

This weekend, Jackpine will host a second installment of their BANNED series, this time featuring a streamed performance Dialoog plus Pony Girl in-the-flesh.

As though a high-quality live stream weren’t already a technical feat, Dialoog will be coming at Babylon from separate continents and time zones. Yuri Bakker will be on keys, at 6AM CET while his bandmate Michael Powell is joining the show at 11PM local time from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Saturday, November 30
Babylon (317 Bank St)

More details…

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