1. Beneath The Broadcast


Friday May 17, 2019

Today, we’re happy to be sharing Calla Kinglit’s live video for “Good Love”—one part in a series shot in the basement of the CBC North studios in Whitehorse. Dubbed Beneath the Broadcast, this project is aimed at capturing the experience of living and creating art in the Yukon. Watch the video below and see the other sessions that have been released—more to come.

With a walk through the cluttered basement of CBC Yukon, Beneath the Broadcast pulls listeners into the underworld of Whitehorse’s music industry. “As a musician in the film, the project pulled me deeper into a music scene that is soaked in creativity, a truly collaborative ethos and a relaxed way of interacting and supporting each other,” says Kinglit.

“Yukon artists and musicians work hard, and due to the size of our industry, often move seamlessly between different projects—allowing for a fluidity and a natural interconnectedness to exist.” The two musician accompanying Kinglit are Zach Pelland on guitar and Nick Hyatt on keys.

Surrounded by relics and memories of the northern broadcaster’s past, the expansive layout of the CBC North basement is an unreal setting for nine eclectic acts. Between folk, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, doom and grunge performances, the film is a collaborative piece highlighting music makers of Whitehorse. “The industry’s pressure is on artists to stand out as individuals; what makes you more viable and digestible than the musician next to you? But is that really the right question?” Kinglit says: “By hanging out in a basement, moving a bunch of shit around, eating homemade food, building a collective vision, being inspired by each other and celebrating each other, the question of what makes me important alone ceases to exist—it is no longer required—it does not matter.”

Created by Yukon-based organizations Something Shows, Big Boat Records, local filmmaker Brendan Preston and a variety of musical acts, Beneath the Broadcast works as both a feature-length film and nine standalone videos. Following a screening in Whitehorse on April 29, these nine videos are being rolled out by Canadian music media over the course of May 2019. Exclaim! featured the first song to arrive, Jona Barr’s “Rest Stop Baby.” Dominionated wrote about “Fascism” by Cryptozoologists,  and more songs are streaming on demand via CBC North.

“We have only just begun the process of building something better, more explosive, more meaningful together, and people will have no choice, but be compelled to listen.”

Watch the videos for every Beneath the Broadcast release to-date below. Other artists profiled in the film will include Soda Pony, Call Kinglit, The Sweeties, LOCAL BOY, Cryptozoologists, The Sputnik Experiment, and Paris Pick.