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Merganzer is the experimental music project of violinist Mika Posen (formerly Timber Timbre, Agnes Obel, Forest City Lovers).

Expanding on the soundscapes, ambient textures, and melodic interludes she created for numerous artists (Feist, Peter Gabriel, Evening Hymns, Zeus, The Wooden Sky, Andy Shauf, Basia Bulat, The Weather Station, Jennifer Castle, Rob Dickson, Her Harbour…), Merganzer brings Posen’s craft to a slow-burning fruition

Due October 18th on So Sorry Records, Montage is the second full-length Merganzer album. All pieces are written and performed by Mika Posen (violin, viola, cello, piano, effects). Wavering between minimalist, ambient, and neo-classical, this instrumental album conjures a soundtrack for both inquiry and quietude.

Hailed as “captivating, minimal, and tasteful,” Merganzer’s debut record Mirror Maze was released independently in November 2015 and brought her to a number of notable Canadian music festivals including X-Avant, Sled Island, Wavelength, Dawson City Music Festival, and Megaphono.

Using violin loops, layered synths, delicate piano, and homemade beats, her expressive pop-noir songs and minimalist instrumentals cross genres and transcend time.





Montage (2019)

Mirror Maze (2015)


“There’s music that connects and engages with me on a purely emotional level, and then there’s music that… has a physiological effect on my body. Merganzer’s ‘Montage’ slammed into me… the first time I heard it. It’s been days since first hearing ‘Montage’ and I still feel as if my body is recovering—no adjusting—from the impact.” DOMINIONATED

“Unexpected, and unmistakable. Merganzer sounds like nothing else out of Ottawa. Former Timber Timbre member Mika Posen, who performs as Merganzer, is for fans of Julee Cruise, or Bjork, or Joanna Newsom, or any woman with an ethereal voice and a penchant for experimentation. —Ottawa Citizen

“At House of Common, a creative space on Fairmont Avenue, Saturday marks the release of Merganzer’s debut album Mirror Maze. It’s the work of classically-trained violinist Mika Posen, who returned to Ottawa recently after years in Toronto and Berlin, where she performed with the likes of Timber Timbre and Agnes Obel… Her music is nostalgic, with a peaceful breathiness and ethereal, twinkling touches that set the songs in twilight.” —CBC Music



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