Presumably all artists at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival are booked because they’re master craftspeople. The audience doesn’t need to hear that… So what are the other really exceptional musical and personal angles Jazzfest can use to highlight the listening experience for new audiences? Is it high level? Absolutely. Is it going to piss some people off? Maybe. Are the curators asking people to use their brains? Really.

In 2019, Pop Drone was invited to contribute to a special TD Ottawa Jazz Festival project: Producers of the 39th annual festival went all-in on an initiative to book and support women artists above all else. Besides their usual marketing for festival passes and ticket sales, Jazzfest sought a communication strategy to draw patrons and festival supporters into the narrative; leaving a lasting impression with donors and first-time ticket-buyers alike. We threw out the stock material and artists bios most other festivals copy/paste for promo; and provided Jazzfest with original research, story ideas, descriptive text, listening notes and playlists for key artists in the lineup. The result of this input up front was an extraordinary amount of quality output in @OttawaJazz channels.

For the purposes of this project, Pop Drone would be responsible for researching and producing bilingual social media content, newsletter copy, blog posts and press material, providing guidelines and insights for strategic content. Rather than ticket sales, our goal was to provide rich stories and original material that would enhance Jazzfest’s brand; raise patrons’ awareness for the curatorial decisions; and leave a lasting impressions with audiences as Jazzfest anticipates its 40th anniversary fundraising campaign in 2020.