Remix Ottawa

Volume 1: Guerilla Magazine

guerillaaltPDR007 Volume 1: Guerilla Magazine
Release date: 13/12/13


Artwork: Isaac Vallentin

About Remix Ottawa

With a number of musicians based in Ottawa-Gatineau plus contributions from friends & labelmates in the Netherlands, United Kingdom & United States, Pop Drone are proud to present the first volume of Remix Ottawa—10 tracks first recorded by 10 Ottawa bands. The compilation drops with Guerilla Magazine’s 38th print issue, December 13th, 2013.

“As long as I’ve been visiting Canada, Ottawans have seemed surprised and tend to ask “why?” in a way that first caught me off-guard. I even get the sense that some base the notion of Dialoog being at all cool on the fact that we’re from Europe and spending time in NYC. There’s strange talk about Ottawa having a “weak” scene or little going on. That’s just whack. I know it. You know it. With this remix project, we’d like to turn others onto the music and musicians in town that we’ve come to discover and enjoy. This volume only scratches the surface. More to come.”

Michael Powell, aka Absoluut


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